Thank You Cristina

I want to thank you Cristina for the tips you have given in your article about how to find joy in everything around you. I never used to enjoy waking up for work everyday and taking the bus for my work as when I read your article. I stopped nagging about how early I should wake up and how far it would take me to arrive to work. I now concentrate on the smell of my coffee, the sky, and the people around me. Life is really full of joyful things only that only need to be noticed.

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Jan 21, 2013
I agree...
by: Steve

Yes, I agree with the original contributor - I, too, am thankful for you, Cris, and for what you share in your newsletter, on your website and on your Facebook page....

Your loving desire to make the most of your own life and, as you do so, to share your experiences (both good and bad) of where that desire takes you is, indeed, a blessing for those of us lucky enough to receive you sharing!

Thank you, C! :-)

Oct 31, 2011
Thank *you*! :-)
by: Cristina

Thank you for your kind comments! I'm so glad that what I shared has helped you to enjoy your mornings more.

One thing I do is to make the most of that time I have before getting into work by having something that I look forward to. Lately I've been moved to take pictures of the sky, and I love going out of the house awaiting to be surprised by the next beautiful scenario of the day :-)

A quote I like comes to mind, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them", by Matisse. Wishing you a very beautiful morning every day!

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