'The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Superheroes' By Deepak Chopra With Gotham Chopra

'The 7 spiritual laws of superheroes' is definitely a book for you if you are interested in your own self-development and you are also into comics.

If you're not into comics, as it's my case, you may also find this book relevant because of the powerful teachings to live by that it contains.

Essentially, this book proposes principles to live an authentic life, reflected through the qualities of different comic superheroes, as well as through mythological figures and gods from the Indian culture.

Do not let yourself be distracted by the reference to the comic characters though, because 'The 7 spiritual laws of superheroes' is a journey of approaching who we really are through seven powerful concepts:

  1. Balance. Everything is a balance of opposing forces (like light and darkness). Besides, each of us embodies four main fields which we want to keep in balance to live a fulfilling, authentic life.

  2. Transformation. Knowing ourselves to be in a state of constant transformation, we can then be comfortable with a world that mirrors that.

  3. Power. Real power comes from the knowledge that everything is interconnected, and that the unknown is a field of infinite possibilities. As we are comfortable with uncertainty, we develop fearlessness and real power.

  4. Love. The force of love includes listening, appreciation, seeing the good in others, compassion, and loss of self-importance, among other characteristics. Even violent behaviour is a cry for attention and therefore a cry for love.

  5. Creativity. Being creative means a leap in consciousness which brings new meaning: to interpret a problem as an opportunity. We can fully 'live' the questions, and gradually move into the answers.

  6. Intention. A strong intention in a noisy mind is useless; a subtle intention in a calm and still mind is very powerful. Our focused intention can bring about beneficial changes.

  7. Transcendence. It is possible to transcend the world of appearances by seeing it and experiencing it as the ceaseless flow of energy and information.

Something that I especially liked from 'The 7 spiritual laws of superheroes' are the "Five reasons for human suffering", and the practical exercises at the end of each chapter which serve to experience each 'law'.

All in all, this books makes for a lighthearted reading, while it will give you some valuable messages whether you are a comics fan or not.

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"There is only one witness to everything, and you are that witness".

Deepak Chopra

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