'The Art Of Effortless Living' By Ingrid Bacci

'The art of effortless living' contains keys to live a happier and easier life, and it is a journey of healing in itself - as you read this book you will notice how you let go of tension and stress.

Ingrid Bacci gives you first-hand knowledge about living effortlessly, which she gained when she herself went through a crisis involving her health and her marriage.

In this book she passes on all that she learned about stopping and refocusing on what's really important.

'The art of effortless living' is a very good read and a manual on how to live effortlessly. It includes many suggestions for practice and exercises that you can try straight away.

The key point of this book is the explanation about the general tension that we all carry, how it generates stress, and how it's rooted in the difference between doing and being.

Even though the first world is mainly focused towards doing, what we're all really after is an internal feeling that we think we'll achieve through doing, as Ingrid Bacci exposes.

However, the key to achieve that internal feeling and to live effortlessly is to actually focus on the quality of our internal state first, on relaxing and maintaining our own balance.

Ingrid Bacci then explains four characteristics of effortless performance, and gives you exercises to relax and to practice effortlessness.

Useful tools for life

'The art of effortless living' is full of useful tools to live in a relaxed and peaceful way. These are some of my favourite insights from this book:

  • Self-worth: our sense of self-worth comes from meeting other people's expectations through our life - first our parents, then school, and so on.

    However, we need to realize that our self-worth depends only on ourselves, and that others do not fill the void we feel. Looking for self-worth through being approved of by others damages our personal relationships.

  • Staying with discomfort: we tend to escape the difficult emotions when they arise (such as anger or sadness) because we don't want to deal with them.

    However, Ingrid Bacci explains how "listening to the emotional body" and staying with the discomfort are the actual keys to really deal with and transform any difficult emotions.

  • Breathing is a tool to live effortlessly. Did you know that when we are really relaxed we only take about 4-6 breaths per minute?

    Breathing has a major impact in our internal state - and to show that, Ingrid Bacci proposes that we focus just on our breathing for one full day. 

    I did that - and I was amazed to see how I felt, how alert I was and how smoothly everything in my life seemed to flow during the day!

'The art of effortless living' hands you the keys for a higher life. The last part of this eye-opening book contains tools to increase your focus and attention, to improve visualization and meditation, to practice non-resistance and to find yourself more and more often 'in the flow' of things.

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"[...] Moment by moment poise creates the proper conditions for achieving a maximum result with minimum effort."

Ingrid Bacci

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