'The Art Of Extreme Self Care' By Cheryl Richardson

This is the time to practice the art of extreme self care

Living life as a woman can be a very challenging experience nowadays: because you can provide for yourself you're likely to have a day job; besides, recent surveys show that tasks which were traditionally considered as 'belonging to women' - cooking, cleaning, shopping, caring for the children - are still performed mostly by the woman in an heterosexual couple.

With all the stuff that you have going on in your life at any moment, how do you care for yourself? Do you even have the time to care for yourself at all?

'The art of extreme self care' addresses the problem that many women have: they care so much for everybody and everything around them that they don't make the time and space to care for themselves, and thus they feel stressed and anxious.

'The art of extreme self care' provides twelve strategies for a woman to care for herself and make her own life beautiful. This structure is designed to implement one strategy per month, so that you can experience the benefits of each strategy before you move on to the next one.

Some of the life-changing ideas that you can find in this book are:

  • Learn to disappoint others. Some of us can feel uncomfortable when saying 'no' to a request, because we don't want to disappoint others - and this leads us to taking on too much. This chapter shows you to 'disappoint the right way' while still honoring yourself.

  • Take your hands off the wheel. Most of us women are used to doing everything ourselves, and doing it our way, because it gives us a sense of control. However, we can learn to delegate and to ask for and receive help in order to release stress from our lives.

  • "The absolute NO list": this is a brilliant idea to create your life the way you want it. The absolute No list consists on a list of all the standards that you will not tolerate in your life - for instance, "I no longer rush to get to places".

  • "You're so sensitive". It seems to me that most of us women have been told this at one point or another - and we've felt wrong and guilty because of being sensitive. Cheryl explains why we should actually embrace our sensitivity, and gives six ideas to protect it.

  • Dealing with anger. The way that most women deal with anger is by repressing it and keeping it inside, which is unhealthy at many levels. Cheryl explains a four-step strategy to deal with rude behaviour handling our anger in an effective way.

However, my favourite strategy from this book is got to be the extreme self-care first-aid kit It is when we're scared, unsteady and wanting to return to the center that we most need a guide that helps us to do so.

The extreme self-care first-aid kit is a plan of action that you put into place before you need to use it, and which helps you to give you comfort and steadiness at a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the times you most need it.

Besides, 'The art of extreme self care' contains quite a large number of resources in relation to the topic of each chapter - books, web sites, talks, even radio channels, which can all help you to expand your knowledge on any specific strategy.

All in all, 'The art of extreme self care' is a very useful book to help you make more space and time for yourself, so that you can honor your own life and be at your best. 

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"We are powerful, creative beings who determine our future with every thought we think and every word we speak."

Cheryl Richardson

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