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Your most precious commodity

Sometimes I think about how I would summarise all that I have learned about positive thinking over the years... it boils down to this: attention is your most precious commodity.

Keeping this in mind helps you to choose just what you pay attention to at every moment. And in turn, this helps you build the life that you want.

Is the thought you're having now making you feel better or worse? Is your attention focused on something helpful or unhelpful to the path you've chosen for yourself?

Your attention is the key to where you want to be, here-now. Care for the here-now, and your whole life is taken care of!

Thank you God

Thank you God For one more day in the Earth, With the singing of the birds The fresh breakfast in my table And the love of my family Thank you for

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Why Was I Born?

Henry was working as a clerk in the Empire States Building. He was having an idea to have a startup business of cars which were very smaller compared to

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I Am abundant, life is amazing!!!

I am grateful for the everyday wonders of life and creation. I love the feeling of being connected to all in the universe. I am so in love with the idea

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The Top 5 Books on the Motivation for Students in 2018

For every human being, one of the most responsible and terrifying life events is becoming a student. It is a step you have to make as a grown-up and conscious

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I am thankful for Jesus, my beautiful wife, my two beautiful children, a lovely home, food, clothing, our two vehicles, good jobs and good health. I have

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Take Care of Yourself

“Life is amazing! To take care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally is the best gift you can give yourself and those who love you.” “Life

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Thankful to be divine

I'm thankful to be a part of the Divine to be a participant in the positive change in the world to be a contributor to the wonderful world we were born

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In Progress for Greatness

All star athlete through highschool i began to see a bright future ahead. College, beautiful girlfriend loving supportive family, till it started to fall

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Life and Everything Else

I am immensely thankful for my life, for the lives of my family, my husband, his children, for my job, our amazing home and income that supports an extremely

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Trust and Belief

I am thankful that my Boss asked me to help other clinic this morning. My Boss trust my skills and flexibilities. My Lord Jesus Christ have blessed me

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Nurture Cards ~ affirmation cards for children

Nurture cards are a wonderful box of 40 affirmation cards designed for young children. Allowing children to create an inner self-belief, self-confidence,

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I am Unbroken

I am submitting my personal story about the benefits of positive thinking to you today. If we simply stay positive, follow our hearts and intuitive guidance,

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Finding the right path

Do you like the feeling of being lost? Me neither. Man, life is very weird but beautiful. You know? Things happen and people come in and out of your lives

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For the Wonderful dayz

I am thankful for every wonderful thing that has accompanied my journey. I thank you also for this site as it's cool. :) and you r also cool. :D

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Positive Thinking Books

Find on this page a list of positive thinking books - reviewed for your convenience.

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The Power Is Within You

Louise Hay's 'The power is within you' soothingly guides you on a journey to love yourself and see your life work out.

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Positive Thinking Programs

Find a suitable companion on your self-development road in any of these positive thinking programs.

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Work Stress

Are you suffering from work stress? Find here a few tips to deal with it successfully!

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Free Positive Thinking Newsletter

Subscribe to Dare To Play It Big and get your free positive thinking newsletter every 17th of the month!

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Positive Thinking Tips

Discover on this page some positive thinking tips that will help you to keep feeling good.

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Free Inspiring Life Quotes

Find in this page links to different types of free inspiring life quotes to help you keep a positive attitude.

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What bewilders me most is the awe and greatness of our body and mind structure. Our brain for instance has a wonderful capacity to understand, recreate,



'Fried' by Joan Borysenko maps the stages of burnout and gives you the keys to move forward. Find out more...

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Personal Affirmation Statements

The basic personal affirmation statements on this page can help you to keep a positive attitude.

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Affirmation Quotes

Grab some affirmation quotes to start living life in an empowering way.

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Positive Thinking Articles

Grab here some inspiring positive thinking articles.

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Positive Attitude Quotes

Find here positive attitude quotes to create an optimistic mindset.

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Free From Conflict

Become free from conflict at work with my free ecourse - it will bring you up a whole new level!

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Remain Positive In Negative Circumstances

Discover new perspectives and tips to help you remain positive in negative circumstances.

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Let Go

Discover an easy way to let go and regain your peace.

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Overcome anxiety

I used to suffer with extreme anxiety - so much that there would be a pull of thoughts towards different directions in my head, and my emotions were shaky and affected by each thought that passed by, which translated sometimes even in physical shaking and a strong sense of feeling unsafe. I didn’t know any better then, so I would be totally dominated by the anxiety for as long as it went, which also impacted on my actions – for example I would be unable to focus on anything; or while my body was physically present with my friends “I” wasn’t quite there as my thoughts were all over the place…

Years have passed and I sometimes catch a glimpse of the inferno I used to experience, which I found just so normal (the adaptive power of the species makes one get used to the most horrible of circumstances). I am so relieved that somehow I gained control over my own consciousness, so I am no longer run by anxiety. Here’s my best tip to deal with anxiety:

Narrow your focus down to just this moment – even to just your breath. Anxiety is provoked by scattered thoughts that produce a strong emotional response – by all sorts of fearful and worrisome thoughts – so if you try to control what you’re thinking about when you’re feeling anxious and thought is not helping you’re just creating a very difficult game for yourself.

Instead, step out of thought altogether by focusing on this moment, on this breath. It may help you to repeat a mantra, such as ‘Now, now, now’, or to closely observe the way you breathe in and out. When you’ve done this for a little while you’ll start feeling more calm and with a sense of spaciousness.

Don’t come back to trying to sort with your mind whatever entanglement you were in – for it’s likely to bring back the anxiety. Rather go on to doing whatever it is you need to do next, while still focusing on your breath. Trust life. I promise, you will be guided.

I am thankful for this website

About 20 minutes ago, I almost got into an all out pow-wow with two of my co-workers who always frustrate me, plus I'm stressed about the bills, money

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Chicken Love

I am thankful for my small farm animals. They are crazy, messy, flighty and absolutely happy with their boring and numb life. Easy to please and very grateful

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Thankyou Mother, Father and God and all around

I am Grateful for the help that my parents despite being so old and medically sick provide me till date. I am grateful to my boss who gave me my job

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Love, Peace, Harmony, Wealth in all things

I'm happy and grateful for my God, my loving, peaceful family, success, my new position at my job, my new car, God health, serenity, my new apartment,

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Waking up every morning is a blessing, waking up with appreciating your breath is Golden. Having cereal every morning is healthy but having a positive

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Don’t Believe Every Negative Thing People Say About You...

Dear Reader/Friend, What I am about to share with you today is going to blow your mind, but for the better. Over the past 20 years I have been helping

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The Path

The Path Where does the battling end? What do we battle for? Happiness? What is happiness? One man's gain is another man's loss. It's a funny old world,

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My own way to finding a positive attitude

I used to be a negative person, I made a decision to change because it is affecting me to grow as a person and stopped me from living a fuller life. I

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Self Affirmation Sentences

Use these self affirmation sentences to find your own powerful ground.

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Step Out Of Thought

This easy tip will help you to step out of thought in no time...

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Celebrating Positivity

Download 'Celebrating Positivity' for free - the little booklet that will help you to focus on the positive.

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Prosperity Affirmations

Welcome abundance in all areas of your life with these prosperity affirmations.

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Affirmations For Success

Follow these affirmations for success to bring yourself to a peaceful and grounded way of living.

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A Child Of Royalty

'A child of royalty' is the very inspiring story of Diana Ketterman, and her experience of mental illness in her own mother - a true jewel.

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Choosing Easy World

Have you been having it difficult lately? Read 'Choosing Easy World' - and be ready for a transformation!

Continue reading "Choosing Easy World"

From Conflict To Calm

'From Conflict To Calm' will give you practical advice to overcome a situation of conflict at work - test and proven techniques!

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Healing Affirmations

Wanna build amazing health? Get started with these healing affirmations...

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'Thrive' by Arianna Huffington is a most relevant book to find your way back to wholeness in this over-connected world.

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