The bird over the swamp

A bird lived resigned in a rotten tree in the swamp; it was used to be there. He ate worms and mud and was always dirty from the foul mud. His wings were rendered useless by the weight of the dirt, until one day a big gust of wind destroyed his hideout. The rotten tree was swallowed by the mud and the bird realized he would die. In a sudden desire to save himself, he began to flap hard to take flight. It took a lot of work, because he had forgotten how to fly, but he faced the numbing pain until he could get up and cross the wide sky, eventually reaching a fertile and beautiful forest.

The problems you face are often like the wind that has destroyed your hideout and you're forced to raise the flight or death. It’s never too late. No matter how you have lived, or the mistakes that were committed, or the opportunities that have been missed, or your age.

Today is always the right time to say "enough", to shake off the mud and fly high and far.

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May 18, 2011
Beautiful metaphor
by: Cristina

Thank you for sharing this beautiful metaphor! Too true we can always shake the mud off and fly high! :-)

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