'The Celestine Prophecy' By James Redfield

'The Celestine prophecy' is one of those books you cannot put down. It is the thrilling adventure of an American who finds himself in Peru in search of a manuscript that will bring a whole new level of consciousness to mankind.

Through a series of coincidences, our hero gets immersed in an adventure to find the Nine Insights of the Manuscript before the religious authorities do, to avoid that they destroy it.

He meets many people and learns many lessons throughout his travel, in a quest that opens him and the reader to a higher level of being.

While a fictional story, 'The Celestine prophecy' contains many keys to live our lives today.

Now I'd love to tell you about the lessons we can learn through the Insights, but if I reveal to you the actual Insights then I'd be robbing you of part of the magic of reading this book...

However, I'll share a few key ideas from this book:

  • On relationships: most people maintain co-dependent relationships in which each person adopts a certain role to manipulate the other in a struggle for power.

    It is important that we re-visit our childhood and how our relationships with our family members were in order to understand what type of role we adopt.

    Only after being full ourselves can we expect feeling full with another person.

  • On dreams and daydreams: they provide guidance for our present situation. Through the story we can see how a dream can be reflecting where we are in life, and give us clues as to how to go on.

  • On the future: 'The Celestine prophecy' anticipates a future based in cooperation and mutual growth, entirely possible from where we are at the time of writing.

    Technology is described as having a very important role, making almost everything automatized and freeing up time to do those things we enjoy, to grow and to relate to others in meaningful ways.

'The Celestine prophecy' is fun to read and provides very positive ideas that can serve us to live a better life now.

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"I don't think that anything happens by coincidence... No one is here by accident... Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later."

James Redfield

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