'The Handbook For Exceptional People' By Jez Cartwright

'The handbook for exceptional people' is a catchy book that gives you practical advice and simple exercises to relax and enjoy life more.

It also encourages you to check your past, as most of the issues that we have now are past wounds carried into our present. We can make better choices in our present life by becoming aware.

Tip for a good life: be and relax

One of the things that 'The handbook for exceptional people' explains is that we are human beings, not human doings.

We can improve the quality of our lives by stopping doing so much, and instead focus on who we are at any moment (which is a good tool to live in the present).

"The first thing you must do is STOP", the author states; stop and look at the situation wholly, and then 'be', rather than 'do'.

'The handbook for exceptional people' emphasizes the need of slowing down our busy lives and relax. Only by relaxing fully into the present can we live a happier life.

The author gives a practical exercise on breathing to help to slow down and relax.

Interesting ideas

You will find other interesting ideas in this book:

  • Negative language shapes our reality negatively. The author offers a short list of negative words and the positive terms that we can use instead.

  • "Be the love you seek": in this book Jez Cartwright states the importance of loving yourself and how by doing that we can extend our love to others.

    The opposite of love is not hate, but fear, and everything we do is based on either love or fear (there is a specific book that goes further on this topic: 'Love is letting go of fear', by Gerald Jampolsky).

  • Compassion for yourself and others brings understanding, love, and ultimately connection. This idea is developed further in 'The art of happiness', by the Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler.

  • 'The handbook for exceptional people' gives a fresh view on relationships: they work best when they are based not on dependence or independence, but when they are interdependent.

    In an interdependent relationship, two individuals work for a greater result, which is a common goal. This useful advice is applicable to all relationships, including couples, friends or work colleagues.

This practical handbook brings you back to calm and to enjoying life by looking at it with fresh eyes.

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"Are you prepared to give up everything you know in order to embrace everything that you dare to believe?"

Jez Cartwright

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