'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' By Robin S. Sharma

'The monk who sold his Ferrari' is a fiction book that contains timeless messages to live a more peaceful life.

This book is the story of a top lawyer, Julian Mantle, who embarks on a quest to find his real self and get answers to life's questions, after suffering an almost fatal heart attack.

Brought to a point of crisis as the physical collapse makes him reflect on his life, Julian sets for India, where he lives and learns from the Great Sages of Sivana about a system to liberate the potential of mind, body and soul. He then returns to the West to teach what he has learned.

Through this story of searching, 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' shares ancient wisdom in a very digestible way. The book touches on topics like kaizen, dharma and life purpose, time mastery, Nirvana, happiness, habits, fear, or change, among others.

Besides, the book contains a tale that works as a mnemonic tool to remember principles for enlightened living. Some of the chapters have a useful 1-page 'Action summary' which offers concepts, symbols and practices to bring the principles alive.

A very useful teaching from the book is the "Ten Rituals of Radiant Living", which I found to be very relevant to live a wholesome life every day.

Other concepts that the book touches on are living life as an empty cup, using our thoughts with focus, mantras, self-image, or the ultimate purpose of life.

While a lighthearted read, 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' does contain some valuable principles. I find it a good starting point if you've just embarked on the path of self-discovery.

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