The Positive Feeling

The positive feeling is the key to manifestation

Some techniques for positive thinking include visualization and affirmations, as practical application of the law of attraction.

When using any of these techniques you should also add a key ingredient:

The positive feeling

From my personal experience it is the good feeling, the positive emotion, what makes positive thinking work.

  • Mike Dooley explains in "Infinite Possibilities" how feeling is the element we should always bring forward to create the life of our dreams.

  • Joe Vitale in 'Life's missing instruction manual' states the importance of expressing what we want with emotion.

  • In the movie 'The Secret' Esther Hicks and other authors explain why "the way you feel is everything".

  • Louise Hay in 'You can heal your life' speaks about the importance of feeling good to manifest positive change.

Why add positive emotion?

Basically, when you feel good the energy in you vibrates at a certain frequency, and attracts those physical manifestations that vibrate at the same frequency (find out more about how this works through quantum physics and the law of attraction).

Simply put, when you feel good with yourself, who you are and what you do, and you truly feel grateful for what you have, you are likely to bring more of these pleasant things, feelings, people and experiences into your life.

How do I bring about the positive feeling?

This is the nicest part.

When you do positive thinking affirmations imagine what it would feel like to do, be or have what you are affirming. "I'm perfectly healthy", "I'm open to abundance", "I'm a kind and loving person".

Play the game of pretending. Pretend you are already completely healthy and financially free. This game brings about positive emotions.

Remember that there is nothing wrong about pretending. You don't have to tell anybody - it's just like a game you play - one that makes you feel good.

You can also enhance your visualizations by adding positive emotions. See yourself landing the job you want, being great at what you like doing, or whatever it may be; and feel good as if all that was a reality already.

Feel grateful always for what you receive, good and bad experiences in your life, for gratefulness brings positive feelings to your life.

"Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day."

Will Durant

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