How To Live Life The Positive Way?

You can easily live life the positive way, simply by implementing a few key steps into your everyday life.

You do not need to change your whole life at once, but you can make small changes that will create a large difference in the long run. The approach that works best is the step-by-step way - the tortoise approach. 

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Little good things for a better life

Here is a list of areas that you want to pay attention to daily to walk the positive way:

  • Food. Take care of eating properly and regularly. The mind cannot work correctly if you don't feed your body adequately first: it is easier to feel bad when you haven't had food.

    Don't let anything (work, stress, a busy agenda) come between you and your food. Eat well.

  • Rest. Your mind doesn't perform well when you don't rest as much as you naturally need. It's easier to feel bad and see problems where there are none when you are tired.

    Some people need eight hours of sleep, some need six and others need a short nap during the day to feel rested. Find out what works best for you and rest properly, no matter what.

  • Breathe. Make sure that you breath properly; this means breathing with your mouth closed and slowly. Breathing properly is a quick way to relax and feel better, and it also creates a convenient 'gap' between our thoughts and our reaction to them.

  • Accept yourself and your body. We all have our issues with our self-esteem, the way we are and the body we have. However, the more you accept yourself, the more inner peace you will experience, which will help you in turn to feel better about yourself and your life.

  • Make time for yourself. It is easy not to find the time for oneself daily when we are caught up between work, other commitments, attending to friends or family, or whatever else.

    Make sure that you put aside at least half an hour a day just for yourself, to make sense of whatever has gone through the day if you want to, to relax and to gain inner peace. This is very important.

  • Laugh daily. Laughing is a great way to get rid of anxiety and stress, and to put our own lives into perspective. Get some of your favourite comedy by browsing Google videos or YouTube. Life seems easier after half an hour of laughing.

  • Do something just for the enjoyment of it. Take time to do something that you enjoy doing, just for the pleasure of doing it: it could be playing a musical instrument, painting, playing with your cat or dog, taking a walk through the park, or whatever else makes you feel good.

The above tips are the basics for living life the positive way. You can also create your own list of things that you know contribute to your well-being: whenever you experience something that helps to your feeling better, write it in a notebook (you can call it your "Positive Notebook").

Over time, the list of things that you find beneficial will grow, and you can revisit it whenever you find yourself out of balance.

A program which is very helpful to start living your life the positive way is Holosync: this meditation program helps you to become more aware of yourself and your thought patterns by listening to its relaxing soundtracks. Read a review of Holosync here.

"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap."

Carrie Snow

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