'The Power Is Within You' By Louise Hay

'The power is within you' is a little gem of love

I love all of Louise Hay's books I've read because every single one of them emanates a feeling of love, peace and safety. I remember really tough times when just reading a bit of 'You can heal your life' would offer me much needed comfort.

'The power is within you' is no exception. This book is all about loving yourself and how your life 'works' when you do that

Deep down inside we all feel inadequate at some level, and we dislike ourselves. This book teaches you, in a very soothing way, to open up and really love and accept yourself as you are.

For example, this book tackles some of the barriers that we have to loving ourselves, such as criticizing ourselves (or other people), or holding on to patterns of thought and behaviour that doesn't serve us anymore.

As you make your journey through 'The power is within you', you start to see how loving yourself in a compassionate way creates changes in the whole of your life.

Best bits of 'The power is within you'

Some of my favourite bits in this book are:

  • Trusting life to supply you with all you need: "Your breath, the most precious substance of your life, is freely given to you. You have enough to last for as long as you live. You accept this precious substance without even thinking, and yet you doubt that life can supply you with the other necessities."

  • How the now is the result of the past, and how planting a new seed in the now creates a different future.

  • We must stop scaring ourselves: "Many of us terrorize ourselves with frightful thoughts and make situations worse than they are. We take a small problem and make it into a big monster. It's a terrible way to live, always expecting the worst out of life."

  • A perfect question to guide you through your choices in life: "Will this make me feel better about myself?"

Other topics

There are other interesting topics in 'The power is within you' related to loving yourself and opening up to your own power:

  • Our feelings and how they affect us wholistically; "Anger is fear that becomes a defense mechanism"; "Resentment is anger that has been buried for a long time"; "Depression is anger turned inward." Louise Hay offers a soothing guidance to let go of bottled-up feelings to move through to a new stage of your life.

  • Death and how to move beyond the pain of losing a loved one.

  • An easy affirmation to let go of what you dislike: "I bless you with love and I release you and let you go."

  • On habits that don't serve us and deserving: "'If I no longer had this habit, what would happen?' Very often the answer is, 'My life would be better'. It comes back to the fact that we believe we don't deserve a better life in some way."

'The power is within you' is a guided journey that delivers you to peace. At the end of the book you will also find a number of different meditations to restore your own sense of love and peace.

As all of Louise Hay's books, 'The power is within you' is kind, compassionate, helpful, and loving - an oasis of peace amidst whatever is going on in your life.

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"You are meant to be a wonderful, loving expression of life. Life is waiting for you to open up to it - to feel worthy of the good it holds for you."

Louise Hay

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