The power of Positive Thinking

by Melisa

It was some 12 years ago and was I married for 2 years and had a son just 2 and half years old.

It was during the recession then when we had to close our business and were nearly declared bankrupt, and it was the same year that my only child was diagnosed with leukemia.

Over and above all the problems we discovered that we could not claim insurance either. That's not all: I had my elderly in laws staying with, and my mother in law was also being treated for breast cancer, and we had our hands full.

My husband was completely shattered and it seemed it was the end of the world for him.

It was at that point that I took charge and told my husband and each one in my family that no one was allowed to shed a tear and we had to accept it; we had to be POSITIVE and not treat my son as a cancer PATIENT and treat it as normal and give him all the moral support to go through the chemotherapy.

All through his treatment we had such a joyous and happy normal environment, and in fact my 2 yr old son used to look forward to going to hospital and was loved immensely by the doctors and nurses and overcame his illness.

Because of my positive attitude we came out of our financial problems too, as ONE I accepted all that came my way and was willing to fight all odds and always looked at the positive side and ignored the negative side.

My son is now 15 yrs old and a smart, confident, positive and healthy child and loved by one and all. We too are well settled and content and at peace and I TOTALLY BELIEVE HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND THINK POSITIVE and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. JUST ERASE FEAR, JEALOUSLY, ENVY, ANGER FROM YOUR DICTIONARY, MIND AND THOUGHTS and guaranteed that life will be so blissful.

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Nov 12, 2010
It's Brilliant
by: Anonymous

Really it's brilliant. Thank you very much for sharing. I was motivated well by this.

Nov 08, 2010
by: JSIMON88

Simply brillant,

thanks for sharing.

If feels so good to read nice stories.

This one is all to you honour.

Jun 14, 2010
by: atica sindhu

Thank you for sharing this story.I had lost my husband in 2008due to cancer. I believe that tough time never last but tough people do.

Jun 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

thanks for such motivational bliss
well at one or the other moment of life, everybody have to face odds in life, and ur case seemed to be quiete intensive and though u fought against it valliantly without getting disheartened or despaired.
from u i learnt that lifes odd are bound to get allright only we need to have faith in god and his eternal bliss which most of the times we dont.

so thank you reminding me once again that GOD is there to support me

Oct 27, 2009
Thanks for sharing
by: LJ

I am going through a similar path, lucky for me is my health and not our kid health... At some point in the journey I decided to let fear go away. It was the most profound and liberating thing. Just let the fear go away. Fear gets in the middle of our positive aspirations and all the good that comes to us. I am happy to read a similar take from you: You let fear go and have faith...magic combination!

Oct 23, 2009
Thank you
by: Cristina

Melisa, thank you for sharing your story; thank you for the example of taking the decision to focus on the positive and just going ahead. So glad that your son is well! :-)

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