'The Rules Of Life' By Richard Templar

'The rules of life' is a book that gives you practical guidance to live a more harmonious life.

Richard Templar passes on his life experience regarding oneself, having a partner, friends and family, and the world, through a hundred practical 'rules'.

This is a book full of hands-on advice grown out of Templar's personal challenges and observation of life. Richard Templar doesn't pretend to be perfect; he simply gives you a few useful tools for life that he's picked on the way.


This practical book is easy to read because each rule is explained in a double page. You can simply open the book randomly and read the rule you've landed on.

These are some of the rules:

  • Accept what is done is done

  • Leave a little space for yourself each day

  • Dedicate your life to something

  • If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all

  • Hang out with positive people

  • It doesn't hurt to forgive

  • It's OK to worry, or to know how not to

The rules of life in a nutshell

The explanation of every rule includes a little box that contains the rule in a nutshell. These are some of my favourite boxes:

  • Live here, live now, live in this moment

  • Expanding your comfort zone makes you feel good about yourself

  • You're a grown-up and on your own now

  • The more we put into our relationships, the more we get out of them

  • You have a duty to be courteous, thoughtful and co-operative towards your parents

'The rules of life' covers many topics. Its language is direct and clear, which makes this book very easy to read.

Some of the rules in this book are truly revealing, like the one dedicated to living in the present, or the powerful "No fear, no surprise, no hesitation, no doubt". All in all, I find Richard Templar's book a positive handy manual for life.

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"This is the moment you've been waiting for all your life. This is the moment you must appreciate without all those other things you long for."

Richard Templar

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