What Is The Always Handy Tip For Living In The Present?

Discover the best tip for living in the present

We think too much!

'Wait a minute, isn't this a website about the benefits of positive THINKING?', I hear you saying.

Well, you see, the mind is simply a tool for us to operate in life. We have the capacity of choosing our own thoughts, which make us feel good or bad accordingly.

However, there is something much greater that comes before thinking, and that is purely being - the felt-sense experience.

We tend to spend so much time thinking about the past, the future, what worries us, even what we'll be doing tonight, that we forget about living in the present moment and experience purely 'being'.

How can you come back to being?

You can easily bring yourself back into just being in the present moment by simply focusing on any of your five senses:

  • What can you see? Are there people, items, animals, plants? What colours can you see? Is there movement?

  • What can you hear? Is there music? Are there noises? Can you hear anybody's voice? Can you hear the sound of your own heartbeat?

  • What can you smell? Can you smell food? Flowers? Perfume? How does the air smell?

  • What can you feel? Can you feel your own skin? Can you feel the different textures of things around you?

  • What can you taste? Perhaps the last coffee or tea you had? Perhaps you're having food, a coffee, or chewing gum?

Feeling brings you back into your felt-sense experience bypassing thought, which is why this tip for living in the present works so well.

This tip for living in the present is also very helpful to take the time to be thankful for all the experiences that you can enjoy through your senses, from the beauty that you can see to the uplifting music you've listened to, to the tasty food you've had; or simply for the fact that you can actually see.

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Robert Frost

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