Five Useful Tips For A Positive Attitude

Keep positive with these tips for a positive attitude

You know that it is not always easy to maintain a positive attitude.

Events and news come your way and make you feel worried or angry or sad for as long as you allow it, which is for as long as you focus on thoughts that feel bad to you.

The trick to feel good is to change over to thoughts that feel good. Choosing your thoughts helps you to maintain a positive mindset. Find below a few top tips for a positive attitude.

Tips for a positive attitude

You can use the following tips to create a positive attitude anytime:

  1. Talk to yourself positively. Say to yourself, "I feel good", "I'm great", "I'm doing really well", "I am self-confident". Allow yourself to feel the good feelings that those words evoke.

    You are as valuable and as deserving of those sentences as anybody else. Besides, you don't need to wait to hear them from somebody else; you can tell yourself any time.

    Praise yourself whenever you accomplish anything - from doing a good job at work, to cleaning the house, to driving home safely...

    If we have the time to praise a colleague or relative, why wouldn't we have the time to praise ourselves and feel good too? "Well done, me".

  2. Take the time to feel gratitude for something. For example, you can feel thankful for the possessions you have, for the people in your life, or simply for being able to walk, see, or have food.

    Being thankful puts you in an attitude of appreciation and receiving. Over time, you develop a positive attitude which helps you cope better with the challenges that may come.

  3. Look at the difficult times in your past and identify at least one good thing that you got out of a challenging situation. All events have a positive side, even the apparently negative ones.

    In just the same way, you will grow and get something good out of the next challenge that you may face. Besides, you already have inside you all the tools and knowledge that you need to overcome whatever happens.

  4. Reinforce your self-image by acknowledging something you achieved that was important or difficult for you. It may have been obtaining a degree, or winning a contest, or getting in touch with someone you had argued with.

    Notice the positive qualities that made you achieve that: strength, persistence, kindness... Feel good about yourself. You possess those qualities and can bring them into play any time.

  5. Focus on your main goal. If you do not have at least one main goal in your life, then take the time to reflect upon your life and to discover what it is that you would like to spend your time doing. A good starting point is taking money out of the equation and ask yourself, "If I didn't have to think about money ever again, what would I spend my time doing?"

    You gain a sense of purpose and self-fulfillment when you get busy working on your main goal, which leads you to keeping a positive frame of mind.

    The last of these tips for a positive attitude is probably the most important one, because it helps you to create a life with purpose.


  • These tips for a positive attitude can help you in a given moment, but if you want to keep a positive attitude most of the time you also need to be persistent.

  • Having a positive attitude is a choice that you and only you make. Your feeling good does not depend on external circumstances, but on the quality of your thinking.

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