Benefit From These Tips For Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Down-to-earth tips for eliminating negative thoughts

We have negative thoughts daily. Commonly they occur when we feel 'out of control', when we worry about the future, or when we feel fear.

Besides, the Western society lives surrounded by media that feed a negative pattern of thought.

The headings in the news read usually about danger, war, famine, scarcity, conflicts of any type, threats and enemies. News easily provoke anxiety and fear.

Not surprisingly we tend to automatically think in a negative way in many areas of our lives.

How do I get rid of negative thoughts?

You can learn to deal with negative thoughts. Over time, you can create a habit of thinking positive.

However, rather than fighting against negative thoughts, the best way to deal with them is to replace them for positive ones - this is, to consciously focus your thoughts in a way that makes you feel good.

Tips for eliminating negative thoughts

Follow these tips for eliminating negative thoughts to deal with negative thinking effectively:

  • Notice that focusing on negative thoughts only brings about more negative thoughts. "You attract what you focus on", remember - whether you focus on what you want or on what you don't want.

    If you don't want to attract more negative thoughts, you need to stop the current negative thoughts you have. As soon as you start reaching for better-feeling thoughts, more positive thoughts start coming to you.

  • Ask yourself how much those negative thoughts reflect reality. Most of the negative thoughts we have are results of projected fears about situations that rarely end up manifesting, in any case.

    A really good method is Byron Katie's "The Work", in which when you have a negative thought you ask yourself, 'Is it true?', and then 'Can I absolutely know that it's true?'

  • You can always picture a different scenario. If you can imagine bad things, then you also have the capacity of imaging good ones. Instead of playing 'worst case scenario', why not play 'best case scenario'?

    Your mind is just a tool; use it in the way that helps you best.

  • Ask yourself: "If I were the director of all this (the scenario that you feel it's negative), what would it look like?" Build it as you would rather have it, picture it as pleasant as you would like it to be in reality.

    It may or may not come to manifest exactly as you picture it, but while you are busy imaging positive circumstances you are not keeping negative thoughts. Plus, you're actually attracting positive circumstances.

    Whenever you notice your mind drifting into negative thoughts again, bring it back to the beautiful and positive script you created. Enjoy replaying your best scenario in your mind.

  • You always have the present to come back to: if negative thoughts trouble you, get back to simply living in the present moment. This means that you deal with just what's going on in your immediate reality, here and now.

Other ways

Do a search online to find more tips for eliminating negative thoughts - there are other many different ways to come back to feeling good.

There are also many books that offer more tips for eliminating negative thoughts - here are two of my preferred ones:

  • Joe Vitale, in 'Life's missing instruction manual', describes negative thoughts as a character that he calls Chip, who whispers nonsense in our ears, and to whom we can prove wrong.

  • Louise Hay, in 'You can heal your life', suggests us to shout "Out!" to the negative thoughts when we realize we are having them.

We all deal with negative thoughts differently. Try different techniques, take note of the technique that works best for you, and use it whenever needed. 

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

John Wooden

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