Wealth Affirmations

Increase your abundance with these wealth affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great tool to help us achieve what we want, whether qualities of the spirit, material objects, or good feelings. They also work to attract money and abundance.

Abundance, health and harmony are already ours through our thoughts, and affirmations are a way to anchor ourselves in what is our natural state.

Wealth is no doubt related to money - and by 'being wealthy' we normally mean having money, at least having as much money as one thinks it's needed.

Remember however that what you're after ultimately is not even wealth or money as such: what you're after is a feeling, and that is happiness.

With that in mind, and realizing that money is just a means and not the end, I would suggest you first define what 'wealth' means to you before you get started with these wealth affirmations.

Does being wealthy mean having enough to survive? What is 'enough' for you? Does it mean not having to work ever again, knowing that everything will be paid as needed? So how much money do you need for that?

You will be able to start attracting wealth more easily to you when you know what it is exactly you want and why - again, money alone won't give you happiness.

You could even consider what sort of things you could do now to bring to you the feeling of happiness that you expect wealth will bring you - and believe me, you'll find plenty of things to do.

Once you have defined what wealthy means to you, grab the wealth affirmations below and get going!

Wealth is my friend

Money exists for my convenience and pleasure

I move beyond my limiting beliefs about wealth

I give myself permission to enjoy my wealth

I know exactly what being wealthy means to me

I facilitate the flow of money

I contribute to the advancement of society with my wealth

I am open to receive wealth through different channels

Everyone supports me in my decision to be wealthy

I have the power to generate wealth for myself and others

I rejoice in other's wealth

I believe there is unlimited wealth

I am in the process of becoming wealthy beyond my wildest dreams

I handle the money I receive with love

My wealth increases constantly

It is fun to become wealthy

The fact that other people are wealthy proves me right in believing I can become wealthy 

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

Henry David Thoreau

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