'What God Wants' By Neale Donald Walsch

'What God Wants' is an enlightening book that will make you think about your idea of God and other relevant aspects of your life, such as love or happiness.

This book does not talk about a specific God, such as the Christian God.

Instead, it is an intelligent view on how our belief in God has shaped mankind so far, and how a new and more accurate understanding of God would help us to create the peaceful world we dream of.

The starting point, as Neale Donald Walsch observes, is that many ideas, including religion, are based in separation.

Humans are separated from God in all religions, and we have understood that God wants something from us. Consider what the author poses in 'What God wants':

"Perhaps God does not want something from humans, but exists only to give something to humans. And perhaps what God wants to give to humans is exactly what humans want."

Everything is connected

Our notion of God and how we think we're related to that God permeates all other areas of our lives. 'What God wants' gives you a few key ideas to work with:

  • On happiness: "...If you feel your happiness is at stake in any given situation, you have probably created an addiction to a particular condition or circumstance."

    In this way, we can "upgrade" our needs to desires or preferences: we would prefer if reality was different, but we don't need it to be different, as we can work with what is.

  • On love and fear: "Love of everyone and everything in life comes easily when fear of anyone or anything disappears. And fear of anyone or anything disappears when you realize that you don't need anything from anyone or anything, because everything you thought you needed to get from something or someone outside of yourself is available within you."

    This will completely change our personal relationships, as we shift from a position of "needing" someone to being givers: "Imagine romance that exudes not from the thought that you 'can't live without' someone, but from the awareness that the expression and experience of your fullest and highest and grandest Self is not dependent on any other person, but enriches every person whose life you touch immensely, allowing you to truly love from a place of giving!"

  • On what we seek: "...It is always an internal experience that your soul is seeking, not an external experience."

  • On marriage: "People will not see marriage as an opportunity to complete themselves or to somehow bring to their lives 'something that is missing', but to celebrate the fact that there is nothing missing, that they are Whole, Complete, and Perfect just as they are, and to expand and grow in their experience of this through the wondrous miracle of bonded relationship."

Creating heaven here and now

'What God wants' is a very empowering book: the new notion of God that we can accept can help us all make a better present.

As the author explains, "'Getting to heaven' will no longer be the ultimate purpose in life. Creating heaven wherever you are will be seen as the prime objective."

Our role as creators is anchored in the power of being in the present: "Each moment in life is a process. It is in the moment-to-moment of your life that you decide who you are and who you choose to be. And you do not have to be who you used to be. That is the great miracle."

Neale Donald Walsch explains: "This is the purpose of the wonder of life: to constantly re-create ourselves anew."

The author passes on in 'What God wants' the wisdom his teacher gave him, when reflecting on "I am that I am". This is great advice to effect change from a point of power:

"Every time you see something outside yourself, don't separate yourself from it, merge with it. Become one with it. You are one with everything. Don't encourage yourself in thinking thoughts of separation. Look at the man and say, 'There I am, being a drunk'. Look at the movie star and say, 'There I am, being famous'. Look at the grass and say, 'There I am, being the grass'."

This book is full of gems. Whatever your beliefs in God, I can guarantee this book will enrich your life with all the liberating points of view it offers about important areas of life.

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

R Buckminster Fuller

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