'Whatever You Think Think The Opposite' By Paul Arden

Direct. Powerful. Simple. Great.

This is 'Whatever you think think the opposite' by Paul Arden. A bang to your mind.

It speaks directly to you. Paul Arden is a master in British advertising, and he catches and holds your attention from the very first page right to the end.

This book is structured in one-page and two-page chapters, which makes it very easy to read.

Paul Arden is able to convey strong messages on a number of matters with few words and images. Some of the headlines that this little book strikes you with are:

  • Fired? It's the best thing that can happen to you

  • Don't go to university. Go to work.

  • No ONE but No. 1

  • Take charge

  • Call yourself an artist

  • It's not always good to have ideas

I found 'Whatever you think, think the opposite' very engaging and mind-opening.

Arden uses advertising techniques to make it attractive: different sizes of font, colours, eye-catching images and even a little mirror inside the book.

Paul Arden's book includes a quotation from Oscar Wilde:

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."

Paul Arden asks you:

"What's your opinion?"

'Whatever you think think the opposite' is a very motivational book. It challenges the way you think and prompts you to make the most out of yourself (I think it was after reading this book that I decided I would learn to paint).

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The end words of this little yet powerful book are:

"Simply change your life. The world is what you think of it. So think of it differently and your life will change."

Paul Arden

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