Where Is My Gratitude?

by Jual Pere-Wilson
(Gisborne, New Zealand)

Hi Cristina,

Thank you very much for your reply, for I am still learning this "gratitude stuff" I do feel myself getting better each day.

For example, I had trouble in finding "daily gratitude" till I found another Internet line, and it helped me out in a fun way to kind of finding my "gratitude" and this connection (WWW.GRATITUDECHALLENGE.COM) gave me an easy and fun way of gaining "gratitude" and that has helped me out in a big huge way, in return for their advice all they want me to do is pay it forward, and share it with others.

Gratitude challenge wanted me to use the alphabet as a fun and quick format for making a list of the things for which you feel grateful.
so here it goes...

Today I am so lovingly grateful and extremely thankful for the...

A= Air that I breath. All the beautiful people bringing me positive information like this.

B= Beauty I see in everyday things. Beautiful fresh bed and blankets that envelope me every night. Beautiful blessings.

C= Comfort from others, caring attitudes, cuddles. Computer.

D= Different and new exciting experiences everyday.

E= Educational learning I've been receiving from my computer course, and most of all from people like you. Entertainment, e.g. Stereo, T.V, D.V.Ds and Exciting moments.

F= Family and beautiful friends I got. Freedom. Fresh food and water. Fascinating, fantastic and fun experiences.

G= Glamorous life I live (even though its not, haha). My Grandson. Good feelings. Getting to places on time although I don't own a vehicle. Good everything!

H= Helpful people all over the world. Happy and exciting moments when I didn't expect it.

I= Information I've been receiving from the Internet and beautiful people like you, it's so mind blowing.

J= Just Juice!(haha). Just arriving on time for my daily activities.

K= Kisses from my loved ones.

L= Love I receive from my loved ones. Learning something new on a weekly basis. Lots of laughter.

M= My life here on earth! My blessings I receive daily. My money.

N= Nutritious tasty food. Night times. Not taking the small problems to heart.

O= Opening up new and positive paths for me.

P= Positive vibrations. Positive information I find in the Internet (like this). Positive feelings. Pleasant surprises!

Q= Quiet times (when I really need them). Quick challenging but easy rewarding tasks.

R= Realizing important things and real dreams.

S= Sky... Sun... Stars... Sea... Sunrises... Sunsets... Shining new life.

T= The time to think real situations through. Time shared with loved ones.

U= Unexpected help. Using the Internet to gather information like this one (inspiring). Unlimited help from the Universe. Uplift in my life.

V= Variety of information which enlightens me. Visits from loved ones. Visiting loved ones.

W= Waking up breathing and healthy greeting everyday with a smile and not a grumpy attitude,(sadly that's what I used to do).

X= Xmas Time, because that's when my family come together as one!

Y= You and all beautiful people out there who care for humanity.

Z= ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ (haha). Zealous people... Zephyr (a gentle breeeeezzzzzeeee)...

I found this hard to start with at first, but before I knew it, I just breeeezzzzeeedd through it, and guess what, that really was fun.

Thank you for your time and letting me share this with you Cristina. You really are an angel in disguise. Beautiful blessings to you, You go girl!

Please keep up your awesome 'mahi' up! (My native language for 'work') I'm a Maori, in my New Zealand.


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Oct 29, 2009
Very inspiring gratitude list!!
by: Cristina

Hey Jual

Your A-Z gratitude list is terrific! Thank you so much for sharing it! Now you've given me a new technique for being grateful and I appreciate that :-) I'll be sure to check the web site you refer to as well.

I want you to know that I appreciate your contribution very much - I'm finding your A-Z list is just the ultimate guide to finding things to be thankful for. Thank you very much for that! :-)


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