'What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know' By Anton Hout

'What every target of workplace bullying needs to know' explains in detail how bullying at work works and exactly how to deal with it.

Having myself experienced conflict at work and having lived through the tension in the air every day for a good couple of years, I can tell you that the advice in this ebook is spot on.

Starting from what's not bullying to the difference between bullying and mobbing, to the very first steps you need to take, through how to speak to HR or how to protect your mental health, this ebook guides you through the precise way in which you can deal with bullying at work and change your situation.

In this ebook you will find very useful information that will help you to feel better and find a way to move forward right away

Some of my favourite pieces are: identifying the type of bully you're dealing with, the 10-step plan to transform anger into a positive force, or how to go about forgiveness and letting go.

Besides, along with the main ebook, 'What every target of workplace bullying needs to know', you get four bonus ebooks which contribute to give you a fuller picture of your situation and to deal with it successfully:

  • 'Anxiety, stress and panic report': an ebook full of resources to deal with the most extreme feelings that you experience when you deal with bullying at work.

    You will find anxiety, stress and panic explained, and resources that go from body treatments to natural remedies to techniques that you can practice on the spot to relax.

  • 'Change your mind, change your life!': this ebook contains principles, ways of changing your thoughts and practical exercises to help you use your mind in an optimum way.

  • 'Improve your self-esteem in just one weekend!': this ebook explains where our self-esteem comes from and gives you effective tools to raise low self-esteem. It also includes an easy self-assessment that you can do to determine whether you have low self-esteem.

  • 'Tips to treat depression': this ebook explains different types of depression and gives you useful tips to overcome it.

All in all, 'What every target of workplace bullying needs to know' overdelivers: for only $27 you will find all the information you need to deal with being bullied at work, easily explained and with practical steps.

My only regret? Not having known about this ebook when I was experiencing conflict at work!

Follow this link to buy your own copy of 'What every target of workplace bullying needs to know'. 

"If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges."

Pat Riley

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