by Mike
(New York)

I think anyone that sits and gives thanks when they have things like good health taking away is just fooling themselves. So.... you tell me how to be thankful for rotten health, not being able to work.

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Apr 08, 2011
How to turn a situation for the better
by: Cristina

Thank you for your comment, Mike - it's actually a very good point that you're making, and I see many people every day who have plenty of reasons not to feel thankful...

See, it took me a while to get that that which I focus on grows. My health is not perfect - I have had back problems since I was a kid - but sometime ago I made a conscious decision to focus on what is great about my health, while at the same time fully believing that some day my back would be in perfect condition.

In this regard, I recently found an Alexander technique practicioner who is helping me bring my back on to a better state - but this is a story for another time ;-)

What I have learned over the years is that when I focus on what's wrong, I feel bad, and I make it a bigger problem. When I completely ignore what's wrong and focus on what's working, my life seems to get better and easier in all areas. I know that many people would say 'How can you ignore what's wrong? How are you going to fix it if you don't deal with it?' - however I'm only telling you what works for me.

Now I don't know your specific problem, but what I can say to you is that feeling good improves all areas of our lives - so if you can focus on what makes you feel good and the things you are thankful for for most of your time I know that you will start seeing changes for the better.

I wish this is helpful - thank you so much for your contribution :-)

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