'You Can Change Your Life' By Tim Laurence

'You can change your life' is a book based on the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, by Bob Hoffman. This process focuses on four aspects: the emotions, the intellect, the spirit, and the physical realm (the body).

As described in the book, the Hoffman Quadrinity Process "[...] is a deep cleansing experience that allows each person to completely reassess everything about themselves and their belief systems in a safe and supportive environment."

'You can change your life' is divided into two main parts. The first part guides you through a four-step cycle which you can apply to change any area of your life, while the second part offers guidelines to make that change effective on a number of areas.

The four-step cycle

This cycle follows the structure Awareness, Expression, Forgiveness, and New Behaviour.

  1. Awareness

    The tools contained in this chapter help you to assess where you are at in life, in terms of your relationships with others and with life.

    A very useful tool in this chapter is the list of patterns that we run through in everyday life, such as that of the quitter, the worrier, the victim, and so on.

    This list and the explanations about the patterns help you see where you are running your life according to an archetype of behaviour that stops you from living fully.

  2. Expression

    This chapter explains how have built a pattern: "As I am now is not enough for them to love me. So I must do something to win their love", and it provides you with exercises to become aware of a pattern and express it healthily. 

  3. Forgiveness

    The next step in the process of healing, according to 'You can change your life', is forgiveness - of oneself and others.

    This chapter explains how a part of us (the old thought which is rooted in old patterns) reacts emotionally, while another part of us (the rational mind) tries to make sense of the situation but is hampered by our emotional reaction. We are in conflict because the negative sides of those two parts of ourselves are in control.

    The useful ritual and exercises that you will find in this chapter allow you to express both the emotional and the rational selves, to make peace between them, and to move forward.

  4. New Behaviour

    The key to changing your life after you have become more aware of where you are at and of the patterns that dominate you is to choose a new behaviour.

    This chapter explains the big five emotions and gives you a fun exercise to discover when a specific fear was learned. The main lesson of this chapter is that we can choose love.

Useful guidelines

The second part of 'You can change your life' gives you some more tools to effect change in your life in a number of areas. This is the key:

"The way forward is to replace your innermost feelings with self-love so that you can live fully from your own values, and therefore free of any dependence on substances or behaviours."

This part of the book helps you to understand different aspects of love, how to go about your work, or how to get beyond compulsive behaviours, among other things. It gives you useful exercises and visualizations to tune into your body, to break addictions, and to attain a universal connection.

'You can change your life': an overview

'You can change your life' will appeal to you if you want a methodical approach to changing your life. It allows you to have a good understanding about how you tend to run your life and where you can effect change.

This book also gives many useful meditations and exercises through which you can safely explore different aspects of yourself and move beyond your own blocks.

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"Remember, ultimately, you have the wisdom, love and strength within to carry you through life's journey."

Tim Laurence

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